Growing so fast

Gus is growing really fast. On November 30th he will be one year old. I cant even believe how fast he is growing up! We are moving on to agility classes since he is a puppy graduate. hopefully competition. I know I was just saying that he is growing so fast but I cant wait tell he finishes all of the agility classes so we can go to competitions and compete together. He is the best dog I have ever owned and the only dog I have ever owned! He is still really scard of the car and the moter boat but he will get used to it!


Puppy class

Gus has finally finished puppy intermidete. Finally time for agility classes! Gus already had a head start with his training but of course I cant wait tell we start even though Gus is so good already!🐶


Gus only comes when called when he wants too. When we go for a walk we go to the park in the baseball dimond and call him back and forth with two people. After 3 or 4 times he just starts running like a bullet and we cant catch him.


Gus can sometimes be difficult. He likes to grab the toliot paper roll and unroll it all the way to the front room. He also never comes when I call him. He comes if I have a treat. He also likes to steal a bunch of our stuff such as papers, homework and more.


Gus loves to play with me. But the only problem is he does not know when to quit. We play and he chases me and I chase him. Then when I say play time is over he will keep on barking at me so thats what we are working on right now. We are gonna play then he is gonna come for a treat. Then we will let him relax in his bed.

Agility Training

Gus is doing really well with his agility. We now have a training scedule so that we have a routine. He is now jumping outside because it is getting warmer and he loves it. He knows how to jump the jumps on command without the leash which I would say is a pretty big improvement! He also got his very own agility course and can do it with plenty of speed.